We make all our food from scratch on premises daily, which means we work in small batches.  Would you like a large quantities of our baked goods or coffee to go?  Is there a specific muffin, scone, or loaf of bread you want to make sure we have?  No worries, just place an order, and for most of our baked goods we can have it for you or deliver it in the Warrensburg city limits for a $5 delivery fee.  There is also a discount on bakery items when ordered in advance of $.25 per item.

We have a minimum of $10+delivery fee on all deliveries in the city limits.  Most orders can be made in 24 hours, but to guarantee your specific order and delivery time we need a 48 hour notice. Contact us to see what we can bake for you!

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Looking for space for a meeting?  We have a semi-private back room that can accommodate 15 people.  The room is free during business hours Monday-Saturday 7:30 am-5 pm, just call in advance to let us know you would like to reserve it.  

Are you looking for a cute space downtown for your baby shower, bridal shower, or just a fun gathering?  Rent out the Old Drum Coffeehouse and Bakery for your event.  We are available from 5pm-Midnight Monday-Saturday and all day Sunday for $20/hour.  Rental comes with access to all our coffeehouse drinks.  We can also prepare teas, coffees, or lemonades for your entire group.  There are options for cupcakes, cookies, and fruit or vegetable trays as well, but we also allow outside food during these events.  Although we do not have the option of allowing alcohol in our shop.  For these events we need a months notice.

Please call us to request a space reservation. 

(660) 362-0161


My name is Beth. I can’t say when I first began to bake, but growing up in a home where everything was homemade from the Saturday night pizza to our Cabbage Patch Dolls, I assume I learned to bake from my mom at a young age. What I really enjoy is the science of baking; taking basic ingredients to make something so delicious, measurements, times and temperatures must be closely followed. I have a thing about rules, when I understand their significance I love to follow them, but when I don't I have a deep temptation to disregard them. The rules for baking are ones I understand.

My interest in coffee came later, it started as a drink to help me through college, but I really came to enjoy coffeehouses while living in Peru as a Peace Corps volunteer. Even while living in a coffee producing country it was difficult to find the real thing, but there are some amazing coffeehouses in the Andes that made me appreciate sitting around with friends with a quality cup of coffee. Now I search out awesome coffeehouses wherever I travel.

After returning to the States I began my masters at UCM at the same time beginning my teaching career. I taught high school Spanish for six years, but recently decided to try something new, thus is the story of the creation of Old Drum Coffeehouse and Bakery. The idea is to focus on small quantities made from scratch (the way I learned at home) combined with quality fair‐trade coffee (purchased from The Roasterie). By the way I still love teaching and Spanish, so if you need help conjugating a verb feel free to stop by the shop.

Owner, Beth Weigand (left) and her sister baking as children.

Owner, Beth Weigand (left) and her sister baking as children.

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211 North Holden Street
Warrensburg, MO, 64093
United States

(660) 362-0161

  • Are you a coffeehouse and bakery exclusively for dogs?  No, we are a coffeeshop and bakery for dogs best friends (humans) we just chose to honor the history of Johnson County and Old Drum in the naming of our shop.  We can also see the statue of Old Drum when we look out our window towards the courthouse lawn.  For more information on Old Drum the dog see our tab below.
  • Do you allow pets in your shop?  Unfortunately we cannot allow animals, with the exception of service animals which are always welcome, in our shop due to the health code of Johnson County.  
  • Do you have any gluten free or vegan bakery options?  We carry a cookie made from gluten free ingredients (chocolate chocolate flourless cookie) and a cookie made with vegan ingredients (peanut butter vegan cookie).  For order we can also make any of our regular baked goods gluten free and some of them can be made vegan.  Give us a call or stop in and we can answer all questions.  We are a small batch made from scratch bakery and we only have one oven, so we cannot guarantee gluten free items.  
  • Do you carry any non-dairy milk?  Currently we offer soy and almond milk, along with our dairy options of whole, 2%, skim, breve, and heavy cream.
  • What do you mean when you say your bakery is made from scratch?  We start with the basic ingredients, flour, sugar, salt, butter...and use recipes we've perfected in house for all of our baked treats.  
  • Where do you purchase your coffee beans?  All of our coffees are made with beans roasted at The Roasterie in Kansas City.  

Who is Old Drum and why did we name our shop after him?  At first the story may not seem overly exciting, Old Drum lived and died over 100 years ago.  Old Drum is not just the story of a dog, but for anyone who has had a pet they can call their best friend, it is about great speech writing, and an excellent orator.  You can check out the entire background and speech here.

Today you can still visit the courthouse where the trial took place along with the Mary Miller Smiser Heritage Library and Museum maintained by the Johnson County Historical Society.